Digital marketing and communication

Reach your customers at the right time, and with the right message.

Digital Kit, aid to digitize companies and freelancers.

Artifices helps you from Mallorca to process aid and digitally transform your business, we meet all the requirements to be your Digitizing Agent.

Social Network Management

We offer solutions for the management of social networks aimed at businesses and companies of all sizes to improve the promotion of services and products in accordance with the defined digital strategy.

Price range: from 200 euros + VAT

We get customers to come to you

We are specialized in local positioning of companies like yours

Email Marketing

Create a customer database

We help you design a strategy to increase your customer database, and through marketing techniques, increase profits and automate the sending of commercial messages.

Internet publicity

Promote your products and services in search engines, media and social networks.

Today it is very easy to promote your products and services through ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

We have at our disposal powerful options to segment our message according to the phase in which our client is and our business objectives. Whether it’s making yourself known, boosting online sales, showing a new product… We plan your campaigns to get the highest return on investment.

Positioning in search engines

We optimize your website and its contents so that your business appears in the first results of Google.

Through our SEO audit we analyze the performance of your website in search engines, analyzing and reviewing all the factors that may affect the positioning and performance of the page.
The audit analyzes and reviews all the components that can affect the positioning and performance of the page.

More information about SEO positioning

Conversion funnels

Create a strategy to attract visits, get potential clients, and finally convert them into sales

Combine different marketing strategies, such as content creation, email marketing, video marketing

The funnel or conversion tunnel is a way of classifying and organizing the different stages that users go through from when they detect a need related to our brand until they become customers.

Having our funnel well defined will help us take advantage of sales opportunities and detect possible errors and thus optimize the conversion rate.

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