Frequent questions

FAQ's, a list of common questions in our meetings with clients

How much does a web page cost?
The cost or price will depend on the needs of the company, the final objective of the web or the functions that it has to fulfill. We make all budgets tailored and adjusted to the needs of the client, according to the hours of development that it entails.

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What maintenance cost does it have?

A priori, it only has the cost of the server where the web page is hosted (approx. 120 euros per year on average, which may be less or more depending on the project) and the domain registration (approx. 15 euros per year).
It is not mandatory to contract any maintenance, it is always something optional.

But if you need it, we have several maintenance plans that fit your needs .

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How soon can I have my website?

It depends on the type of project. There are very simple projects that can be ready in a couple of weeks, and other more complex ones that can take several months. An average project, with a content manager and personalized design, is usually in about 2 months of development.

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Will I appear first in search engines like Google?

We can never guarantee this point, what we can guarantee is that we make web pages following the standards set by the W3C, a consortium in charge of setting the rules for the correct development of web projects. You could say that we code the pages “to Google’s liking.”
By complying with these standards, we guarantee that Google and other search engines will be able to access the contents of the web without problems, but appearing first in search engines depends on many other factors, including the competition that may exist for the keywords for which we want. let them find us

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Will the page be mine or will I be paying a license for use?

We do not work on licenses, we offer web development as a final service, the client being the final owner of the page. So there is complete freedom to change providers or introduce changes after development.

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Will I be able to update the contents of the website or will Artifices take care of it?

If the development of a website that includes a content manager has been requested, the client himself will be able to update his own contents. Either through a system developed to measure, or through existing Open Source systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Blogger.

Another option would be to send us the contents so that we can update them, which could be budgeted without any problem.

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Will I know the number of visits my page will have?

In all our projects there are two ways to obtain complete and professional web visit statistics reports. Through the server’s own system (hosting) contracted to host the page, and on the other hand, through the extended Google Analytics system.

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Are there payment facilities?

The usual form of payment is through a prior advance when starting the project, and a final payment when completing all the development. But it is possible to agree on a greater number of intermediate payments.

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What is needed to start with the website?

To start, it is only necessary to be clear about the type of project to be carried out, the structure of sections, contents, languages, etc. and have a minimum of material to start the project (logo, texts, images,…).

Free of charge from the first day of project development, Artifices will create an online under construction page with basic contact information.

Afterwards, the design possibilities will be considered through the elaboration of a sketch that will require the approval of the client, and finally, the development is carried out in HTML / PHP code so that all the contents of the web are available on the internet.

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Do you use design templates?
In the case of using Open Source content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Blogger, we do use templates developed by third parties as a starting point. Once the template that serves as a base has been selected, and that is to the client’s liking, we begin the customization of said template, to adapt it to the client’s corporate image and its particular content structure.

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