We take care of your WordPress

Save time and money with our specialized WordPress support

From Artifices we offer a support and maintenance service aimed at corporate blogs, small businesses and SMEs, to facilitate the task of maintaining their web pages developed with WordPress through an adjusted cost.

Our Artifices WP services put our experience at your disposal to resolve issues and incidents with WordPress, and keep the website updated and supported.

Common features in all plans

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Full system backups every time there is an update
  • Automatic database backups
  • No permanence commitments
  • response within 24 hours
  • Recommendation and suggestions for improvements
  • Advice on any query related to WordPress

You need the services of Artifices WP because…

“Zapatero to your shoes”, or leave the technical in our hands

Although WordPress is very easy to use, it is unavoidable to sometimes face technical issues, how to handle HTML to format an article, or the configuration of a widget, system updates and plugins etc. Leave these complications in our hands and we will take care that your website is updated and in order.

Save time and money

Many times managing a complex task that we thought would take us 5 minutes to solve, takes up all day, and also we have not been able to resolve all the errors or doubts.

Your time is valuable, and your business needs that time, you can entrust your website developed in WordPress to our maintenance and support service to have one less worry.

An expert to solve doubts

The Internet, the web world, online marketing, and WordPress in particular are topics that we are passionate about. Surely you have doubts about how to carry out ideas that occur to you for your business, or you would even like us to suggest improvements for your website that will help you achieve your goals.