See project: Nordic Touch
Year: 2019
Works: corporate image design, logo, cards, labels, price lists, web design and development, photographs, online marketing strategy

Nordic Touch is the project of Elaine Englund, a beauty professional for more than 14 years. After working in the best centers on the island, he has decided to open his own business, transferring all his experience, professionalism and Nordic roots.

The premises are located in the Son Armadams neighborhood of Palma de Mallorca, a very quiet residential area of the Majorcan capital. Easy parking for their clients was a priority.

The design of the premises has been carried out with great care for the comfort of the users, choosing a range of pleasant colors and basic materials such as wood.

Corporate image

Designed by Javier Siquier, it perfectly reflects the values of quality and professionalism that Nordic Touch represents.

An informative and practical website

The main objective was to design a web page that would effectively show how Nordic Touch differs from its competition and its different values. In addition, it has to be a practical marketing tool, to teach your clients the services offered as well as request an appointment very quickly and easily.

corporate photographs

We carry out several photo sessions, to transmit the values of the brand and generate enough material for the various campaigns: web, social networks, print advertising, etc.