SEO Briefing

    Company and market niche information

    Company Overview
    Activity, sector in which it operates and evolution over the last few years

    Have you worked on SEO before? With what results?

    What marketing actions are currently being carried out?

    Access data

    Indicate whether they are known to be registered or exist, and whether you have access to them.


    List of businesses that are considered competitors, both digital and physical.

    Company's products or services

    What is the star product? What products or services do you currently sell?

    Target audience profile

    "customer "buyer persona

    Age, gender, language, level of specialization, seasonality, culture, place of residence, b2b, b2c

    Local, National, International

    Define specific locations, cities, provinces or countries

    Target keywords

    List of words or terms that you consider relevant today

    SEO strategy objectives

    Define specific objectives

    For example: increase traffic, increase sales, increase newsletter subscribers, brand awareness, etc.

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