Positioning in search engines

To attract new potential customers to the web, it is important that it is well positioned in search engines.

Web optimization combines a series of marketing, design and programming techniques that will make the web better positioned in search engines. offers you different techniques to position your website:

The task of adjusting the information of the pages that are intended to appear in the first positions of the results is known as SEO , acronym in English for Search Engine Optimization , optimization for search engines. It consists of applying various techniques aimed at getting Internet search engines to place a certain web page in a high position and category (first positions) within their results page for certain key search terms and phrases.

Social media optimization , known by its initials SMO , is a series of methods used to generate advertising “socially”, through online communities and sites. Some SMO methods include RSS , blogs and also incorporate other virtual communities such as Flickr , YouTube or Facebook .

When we use the search engines’ own advertising systems, we call this technique SEM , which stands for “ Search Engine Marketing ”. The best known and most used would be Google’s sponsored advertising called ” adwords “, which are paid ads that appear in the right column when we perform a search on Google.


At Artifices we offer you different services that are sure to fit your needs to help you position your website:


Carrying out a diagnosis of the positioning of your company website, from which a specific Marketing Plan would be designed to encourage visits to the website and, if necessary, its online marketing.


Optimization and maintenance

It is a fairly affordable and scalable plan. It would be divided into two phases:

PHASE 1: it would include a previous diagnosis of your web page and registration in different specific services to help integrate your web in search engines, here SEO and SMO techniques are combined.

PHASE 2 includes medium-long/term maintenance with periodic positioning tasks. Each end of the month a full results report will be attached.


pay per click

If you want immediate results, we recommend carrying out campaigns SEM that will allow you to get clicks from the first day, these campaigns are scalable and can be perfectly adapted to your needs, we will take care of creating your campaign, proposing the most appropriate keywords and carrying out a weekly follow-up to see the evolution. At the end of the month we will attach a complete results report.